I was born on the island of Jersey (Channel Islands), on July 30th 1955, alongside my twin sister! I spent my teenage years in Spain where I attended Spanish and French schools. Since 1984 I have been living in Hamburg, Germany, with my family. My husband, Dylan, is a musician and we have four children. One still live at home, one is in Berlin and two are currently in Asia.

I read Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" when I was sixteen and immediately fell in love with his writing style and the whole world of Middle Earth that he created. From there I went on to read many of the best known Fantasy classics. A few years ago I was asked to write song lyrics for the "Das Erbe der Runen" (Legacy of Runes) project, inspired by the exciting world of Nymath, created by the author Monika Felten. I had always enjoyed writing in different formats, and the possibility of getting more deeply involved in the project arose. As a result, the youth novel "Falcon Sight" was born. I wrote it in English and was able to delight ARENA Verlag with the first chapters, so that they agreed to print the full German version "Der Schrei des Falken" in the autumn of 2005.

The characters that developed in the story became very real, taking on a life of their own. I often felt like I was simply running after them, jotting down their adventures as they unfolded. They are like my children: a part of me is in each of them and yet they have their own, strongly defined personalities. It the end they do whatever they want to do and I have little influence in their behaviour. In 2006 ARENA published a second novel in this series, titled "Im Auge des Falken" (Falcon Search), and a third book was published in Germany in early 2008, under the title "Das Vermächtnis des Falken" (Falcon Spirit).

I have just finished writing "Falcon Spell" the fourth book in the series, which I am now giving the overall title: The Chronicles of the Falconers of Nymath. It is followed by an immediate sequel that I have already begun.

The Chronicles of the Falconers of Nymath follow the lives of Alduin, Erilea and other characters from the first book, as well as new ones that are introduced along the way. The first three books are not direct sequels, being spaced two and seven years apart, while the fourth follows the third closely and the fifth is a direct sequel. Together they cover a journey of adventure and discovery as the lives of our heroes unfold; and I'm having lots of fun jotting down their stories.

Osanna Vaughn